Happy Fun Rentals for 5 hours !!! *

*5 hours with you as attendant, 2 hours with our attendant- See Terms and Conditions page for details
Set up time is NOT included in rental time

Latest pickup of inflatables is sunset - Delivery is a flat fee based on location, not items rented

* All pricing based on residential, "back yard" rental. Other events, pricing may vary. Commercial rentals, attendants NOT included.

Call (732) 462-7799

Locations with fences: Dunk Tanks 1 & 2 Require 62" wide gate opening.

If Rental includes Ride Attendant, Rental ends (all items) at same time of Ride Attendant unless other arrangements agreed upon in advance


$325 + Delivery

DUNK TANK 2, Orange

$325 + Delivery

DUNK TANK 3, "Shark Tank" - For limited access locations

$325 + Delivery