Introducing: InstaVase!

Fun, Worry-Free, Safety Vases for every event!

Easy & Convenient to bring to any event location. 12 vases fit in a briefcase. Vases open & close with hot water only.

  • Children or guests unsteady, clumsy?
  • Great for any outdoor or indoor events.

Safe - Plastic Vases that look like Glass. GONE are WORRIES of broken glass.
  • Personalize for any event or occasion easily with Sharpie permanent marker or stickers

Put your event, date, names, fun stuff on the vases

Reusable. Use time and time again for safe display of flowers

Space Saving You can fold flat after use for easy space saving storage

→ Vase Sizes range from 10"-18". You can pick the perfect size for your arrangements
→ Vase Colors: Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow.
→ Vases for all styles, sizes, colors of flowers.

Vase Pricing:

  • 7.5" : $3/each
  • 10" : $4/each
  • 12" : $5/each
  • 14.5" : $6/each
  • 17" : $7.50/each