Happy Fun Rentals for 5 hours !!! *

*5 hours with you as attendant, 2 hours with our attendant- See Terms and Conditions page for details
Set up time is NOT included in rental time

Latest pickup of inflatables is sunset - Delivery is a flat fee based on location, not items rented
For inquiries, Call (732) 462-7799

* All pricing based on residential, "back yard" rental. Other events, pricing may vary. Commercial rentals, attendants NOT included.

If Rental includes Ride Attendant, Rental ends (all items) at same time of Ride Attendant unless other arrangements agreed upon in advance

38′ Dual Lane Obstacle Course, $449+ Delivery

Superman Obstacle Course, 30' with a 10' slide

$449+ Delivery

Batman Obstacle Course, 30' with 10' slide

$449+ Delivery

Dual lane Obstacle Course, Batman and Superman together! A Better Dynamic Duo!

$849 + Delivery

The Ultimate Module Obstacle Course! 61′ Long, Multiple Configurations!

$975 + Delivery

The Ultimate Module Obstacle Course Configurations