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Pricing based on 1 day rental - - Delivery is a flat fee based on location, not items rented

PA System 800W Max, Microphone & Mixing Board
$225 (wireless mic + $25)
Podium/Lecturn with Speaker & Reading Light
Generators: 3000w-6800w
Extension Cords 12 Gauge
100'/$15 • 50'/$12
Stanchions with 6′ Retractable Belts
$15/each/day Long term rentals available
Karaoke w/2 microphones
(tablet not included/customer provides)
Wireless Speakers (Use phone for music)
$99/pair of 2
Portable Bluetooth Speaker System, 50 Watts USB Charger AM/FM Radio Plays up to 50 hours of music on full charge
Behringer 150 Watts
3 Channel Speaker System
Portable Monster Weather Resistant Speaker System, 60 Watts, 36 hours of music on full charge AM/FM Radio & Bluetooth, USB Charger
Patio Heater, 46,000 BTU
$95 (Propane Additional)

Staging, 8'x6' sections, $100/each.

Skirting additional, Black or White, $2/linear ft. Steps $20.